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icons, banners, wallpapers and more...

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Hey all! Welcome to the newish addition to the Livejournal Everwood community.

+ Please take a few seconds to read the rules before joining, and then get to posting!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

R u l e s

+ You have to be a member to post icons or banners and wallpapers, but anyone is free to friend and watch the community.

+ If you take an icon tell the creator and always give credit in keywords.

+ If you're posting more than three icons(or wallpaper), please put the rest behind an LJ cut tag for those of us with slow computers.

+ If there are any icons from season 2 that you think give away plot points or cast spoilers, then please put them behind a cut with episode-specific warnings.

+ All icons are welcome, whether they be slash or het. If you don't like that, just leave. On the same topic, all pairings are welcome here. Any people found bashing will be banned outright.

+ If you don't use your own screencaps, include a link to your screencap source in your post as a general courtesy.

+ Icon requests are welcomed in moderation. As are wallpapers, fanart or mood theme posts.

+ Only post an announcement for a new community with an icon batch. Community must be related to Everwood in some way.

This community is managed by mali_marie so please direct all queries and comments that way.
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